The cycle of poverty is an interconnected mix of factors that imprisons entire communities for generations.

We in Astro Sneakers do our best to support humans in unfortionate situations. 

While it’s difficult to unwind every element of poverty, one thing stands out — health conditions and access to health care play a huge factor in a community’s poverty rate. Children in impoverished communities live without access to basic health necessities such as clean water and sanitation, ushering in preventable diseases or worse. Health issues often cause children to fall behind in school, and a lack of education leads the way for drug use, early pregnancy and gang affiliation.

Your gift, or sponsorship, helps children in our communities by providing health programs that focus on two important things: 

1) developing healthy habits 


2) connecting children with services, like our own health and dental clinics, when they need help.

When ever you choose to tip us in the checkout, your percantage is automatically transfered to the Children International © foundation.


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